Food Concepts, Inc. hosts web stores for a number of clients, simplifying the complex and expensive tasks of inventory management and fulfillment of all the elements involved in bringing their products to their foodservice customers. There are two primary options for the ordering and fulfillment process:

  • FCI Hosted e-Commerce Site A web store allow our client’s customers to order foodservice equipment, merchandising options, and smallwares. The service includes images of the items, detailed descriptions and specifications, and a full-featured shopping cart with security features customized to meet the needs and requirements of our clients. While the stores are hosted by FCI, a certain amount of customization is possible to get it mimic your primary site's appearance; and it can be linked to from said site, allowing a seamless transition to the ordering process, and the goods will be on the way.
    Visit, our e-commerce site, for a great example of how your site could function; static landing pages for some of our client sites are featured below as well.
  • Order Forms An alternative to a full e-Commerce site, FCI can create customized order forms that your customers can download, fill out, and with a click of a button send to FCI’s customer service team for fulfillment. 

FCI’s inventorying and fulfillment services allow our clients rapid speed to market without the carrying cost of holding inventory.